Thank you all for coming

Dear Competitors,

After we’ve cleared all the trails from the markings, strips, banners, and directions, dismantled all our equipment and rested a little. We chose to thank you for having performed this year in our race, we hope you enjoyed everything and that was nice to you. We tried to give you a nice race and good fun and socializing before and during and after the race.

In the organization of the race and the race itself, there were about 20 people from the organizing team and about forty volunteers who helped us, we hope you are satisfied with everything. If something was less good and bad, please let us know by mail and let us know how to correct it ( .

The results were recorded, there were some corrections and changes, you can see them at

The 25km and 50km race results are also sent to the ITRA website, and you can see them there and have points awarded on their profiles.

We thank you for having been careful with nature and the environment as in previous years and almost did not have what to pick for you either in the start / finish area or in the track. We also thank our sponsors and patrons who have followed us this year and enabled and facilitated our organization of the race. We also thank the Public Park Nature Park Žumberak Samobor Mountains who recognized this race and issued us a concession for the use of the park area for race maintenance.

All those who did not get their Compressport Žumberak Trail T-shirts for size problems, T-shirts will be ordered for the second week and should come in mid 10th month of 2018.

Finally, we have some more information for you:

– there were a lot of inquiries to buy the white Compressport T-shirt Žumberak trail, until Monday, September 3 rd, 2018. to e-mail ( you can order a shirt (male or female). The shirts are coming mid 10th month of 2018.Please, in the order specify the size and address you want to send your t-shirt. T-shirt price is 160,00HRK

– we have some fluorescent yellow shirts of different sizes (male and female), you can also order them by mail ( at a price of 50,00HRK. They can be sent to you or delivered immediately.

Thank you for everything and see the other year, we will be better and promise you, some changes on the tracks, maybe more ITRA points, and a bit more surprise.

Nice greeting, in front of DZSIR Jastreb extreme, Mladen Budinšćak