Žumberak Trail 2018 ŽUT 2018 8th edition / 9th wheel TREKING LEAGUE

Dear Competitors,

OBLIGATORY predict the crowd on the Zagreb-Rijeka, Split-Split, Zagreb-Slavonski Brod highway, so as not to miss the application and the race.

Arrival on the official start of the race is possible from two directions Jastrebarsko and Samobor. The address is Lovačka klet Poljanice, Plešivičke Poljanice, Jastrebarsko, view on google maps:

At Lovačka klet, the parking lot will be used as the start / finish area until the race starts. Two smaller parking lots are available for parking near the start, and can be parked along the road.

Please come early in the morning and have patience with the applications because in the event of a crowd it may take longer! Predict the time crowd on toll stations on the highway, traffic jams and etc. Girls will have a list of payments, if you have made a partial payment, prepare the rest of the money. You will receive a lunch coupon, a start packet and a start number on your application, and you will sign a DECLARATION on the race responsibility before starting the start package.
08/17/2018. 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM, Hotel Princess, Jastrebarsko 08/18/2018. 06:30 AM – 10.00 AM, Plešivičke poljanice

CAKES: to make you a little easier in the morning we prepared you homemade cakes and buns

WARM MEAL AFTER RACE: as a meal after the race you will be prepared hunter goulash with pasta, which is a specialty of Lovačka klet, and as a vegetarian meal you will be served pasta with vegetables. Meal is served from 12:30 PM- 07.00 PM

WATER ON THE STATIONS: at several control points on the trail you will be available water, and along the trail you will pass by several water sources. Water and water hose for washing are also provided at the start / finish.

LIVE CONTROLS: all four categories have live control, we will provide you water, juices, beer, biscuits, chips, fruits and sugar
EXPECTED WINNING TIME: it is unfortunate to forecast this, but we’ve prepared you fast and good runs so you can expect a fast race


Due to the large number of competitors and the crowd at the start, we divided the starting categories at time intervals. Please stick to the default hours and start in your startup categories.
09:00 AM, Ultra category (time limit entry to goal – 07.00PM)
10:00 AM, Challenge category (time limit entry to goal – 03.00PM)
10:30 AM, Active category (time limit entry to goal 04.30PM)
11:00 AM, Light category (time limit entry to goal – 03.00PM)
BRIEFING FOR ALL CATEGORIES: 10 minutes before the start of each category
TIME LIMIT: The race officially runs until 07.00PM

Ultra 50km – Jurašje, Kordići, Japetić
Challenger 25km – Japetić

ULTRA 50km: 4 (Mali Lipovec, Jurašje, Kordic, Japetic)
CHALLENGER 25km: 2 (Mali Lipovec, Japetić)
ACTIVE 15km: 2 (Mali Lipovec, Marički mill)
LIGHT 8km: 1 (Oštrc)

OBLIGATORY EQUIPMENT: during the entire race, it is mandatory to wear the start number in a visible place. Required equipment is prescribed by the Rules of Racing. In accordance with the weather forecast, please bring sufficient amount of fluid to the race.
INSURANCE: the whole race is provided by the HGSS, at the start number you will get the phone numbers for emergency situations and in case of cancellation
AWARDS: medals for the total of the first 3 places on each track in the men’s and women’s category
Lovačka KLET Poljanice is well-known and a nice traditional restaurant that offers a choice of meals from menus. The popular beverage prices and very good wine will surely also please you.
AND WHAT AFTER THE TRAIL: music, entertainment, wine, eating, socializing…
Basically, this is just some basic information if you have any questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail to which we will answer you quickly.

Best regards and look forward to being part of our race, living and seeing on Saturday morning!